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Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow Press X FPT - 3/8 Inch
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1.Key Benefits:

Leak Detection

Design features on the O-ring allows for missed press leak detection when tested correctly using the defined procedure in this manual.

Long Lasting Performance

When installed correctly as per the requirements of this document and other regulatory requirements.

Secure Joint

Secure and durable permanent joint ensures the fitting can not be tampered with.

Fully Certified and Tested

Extensive third party certification and testing offers peace of mind, in addition warranty and insurance is covered by Bada.

Flame Free

Flame free installation means no need for hot works permits and no need to lug around heavy bottles used for brazing.

Reduced Installation Time

Simple, quick and reliable installation translates to reduced labour time.

2.Product Specification:

Item No.








C46500/ C69300






3. Leak Before Press:

The precise design Fada® Press fittings allows water or air to pass the sealing element of unpressed fittings, thereby providing a leakage point during the commissioning of the system, when tested using the defined processes below. When the fitting is pressed, the O-ring material compresses, filling the gaps, creating a leak free joint.

Final testing of the system should be conducted in local regulations or requirements.


4. Approvals:

NSF/ANSI 61- Water Quality

NSF/ANSI 372- Lead Free

cUPC® Compliant


5. Accessory:

EPDM sealing element


6. Installation Instruction:

1. Deburring tube ID and OD with file.

2. Check seal for correct fit. Do not use oils or lubricants.

3. Mark proper insertion depth for well sealed.

4. While turning slightly, slide press fitting onto tubing to the marked depth.

The end of tubing must contact stop.

5. Open the jaw and place at right angles on the fitting.

6. Start pressing process and hold the trigger until the jaw has engaged the fittings.


7. Pressing tool and jaws:


8.Tool Maintenance:

Pressing tool, jaws, adaptor jaws and collars are low maintenance, however, to ensure optimal performance and safety there are minimum precautions and maintenance procedures that need to be followed.

Carry out basic inspection of the pressing device and jaws prior to each use to ensure they are clean and free from debris and dirt. The pressing jaws should be visually inspected to ensure there are no cracks. If there are any cracks in the pressing jaws, do not use them, as there is risk of the jaws shattering and potential injury from flying fragments. It is recommended to always wear appropriate eye protection whenever using the pressing device. When inspecting the pressing jaws, also ensure that there are no foreign material deposits and that the contours of the jaw surfaces are in order. Failure to do this may result in damage to the jaws and/or the pressing device.

9. Recommendations:

Fada Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 1/2"

Fada Lead-free Brass Press Drop Ear 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 1/2"

Fada Lead-free Brass Press Drop Ear 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 3/4"


10. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is press fitting technology?

A: Press fitting technology is a mechanical, solder-less method of tubing joining. No torches or solvents are required to make the permanent water-tight seal. This was introduced in the United States in 1995.

Q: What are the most common errors made when installing s Press Fittings?

A: Not adequately deburring the end of the tubing, and not inserting the tube far enough into the press fitting.

Q: Do I need to lubricate the O-ring?

A: No, the O-ring is pre-lubricated. Using additional lubricants could reduce the longevity of the O-ring and void the warranty. Care should be taken during copper tube insertion to ensure the O-ring does not roll or dislodge.


11. About us:

Our Product line: Brass & Bronze Fittings; Brass & Bronze Valves; Brass Faucet;  Floor Drain

Taizhou Bada Valve Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of valves, fittings for water supply, gas, sanitation, cooling/heating, as well as plant plumbing in commercial, industrial and residential markets. Serving a global marketplace, Fada operates two manufacturing plants in Zhejiang and Jiangxi, China. With 30 years manufacturing history, Fada rigidly carries the international Quality Management System of ISO 9001 standards. And insisting on a everyday progress by striving for higher quality and a better service.

12. Location:

♦ Headquarters

Fengjiang, Luqiao District, Taizhou City

Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 318054

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No.7, industrial road, Luohe Industrial Park, Guixi, Yingtan

Jiangxi Province, China

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