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Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow Press X FPT - 1/2 Inch
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product: view count: 295Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow Press X FPT - 1/2 Inch 
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1.Product Overview:

No Flame

Watertight seal

Easy to install

Consistent & reliable connections

Installs wet or dry

Enviromentally clean

Safe installation


2.Product Specification:

Item No.








C46500/ C69300







EPDM sealing element


4.Installation Instruction:

1.Cuter tube square using a tube cutter on fine tooth saw.

2. Deburring tube ID and OD with file.

3. Check seal for correct fit. Do not use oils or lubricants.

4. Mark proper insertion depth for well sealed.

5. While turning slightly, slide press fitting onto tubing to the marked depth. Note: End of tubing must contact stop.

6. Open the jaw and place at right angles on the fitting.

7. Start pressing process and hold the trigger until the jaw has engaged the fittings.


5. Press Joining Method:

Press joining is a form of mechanical connection for copper and steel tubing which uses a press tool, jaws, and rings to affix the sealing element and fitting to the tubing.

Press copper joining systems offer a high quality installation that is faster and cleaner than traditional solder. Press copper joining provides a reliable long lasting installation both above and below ground. The tubing should be fully inserted into the fitting, and the press made according to manufactures instructions, using the press tool, jaws and rings reommended by the manufacturer. For applications other than domestic water contact the fitting manufacturer.

Press joining for stainless steel pipe provides a fast, easy, clean and reliable means for installing 1/2"-2" (15-50mm) stainless steel piping systems. Press joining requires no flame or arcs as with welding; no cutting oil, chips or preparation time as with threading or flanging.


6. Pressing tool and jaws:


7. Recommendations:

Fada Lead-free Brass Press 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 3/8"

Fada Lead-free Brass Press Drop Ear 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 1/2"

Fada Lead-free Brass Press Drop Ear 90°Elbow, P x FPT - 3/4"


8. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these Lead-free Brass Press Fittings compliant with low lead laws?

A: Yes. They are manufactured from Lead Free Brass alloy, with a lead content of less than 0.15% lead.

Q: Is there any limitation for pressing process?

A: Yes. Please keep away from space restrictions. Press tool and jaw sets can be difficult to get into some tighter spaces.

Q: How long will be lead time for this Press System Fitting, if I place the order to you?

A: As a standard production cycle, it takes 50 days to finish the order.


9. About us:

Taizhou Bada Valve Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of valves, fittings for water supply, gas, sanitation, cooling/heating, as well as plant plumbing in commercial, industrial and residential markets. Serving a global marketplace, Fada operates two manufacturing plants in Zhejiang and Jiangxi, China. With 30 years manufacturing history, Fada rigidly carries the international Quality Management System of ISO 9001 standards. And insisting on a everyday progress by striving for higher quality and a better service.

10. Location:

♦ Headquarters

Fengjiang, Luqiao District, Taizhou City

Zhejiang Province, China

Zip Code: 318054

♦ Factory

No. 7, industrial road, Luohe Industrial Park, Guixi, Yingtan

Jiangxi Province, China

Zip Code: 335400


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